Linghang Tanzania company was invited to participate in the Fourth International Import Expo in 2021

Release time: 2022/2/9 11:10:45   |   Publisher: admin

At the just concluded Fourth International Import Expo in 2021, Linghang Tanzania company established by linghang group in Tanzania was once again invited to participate in the Import Expo as a representative of Tanzania Trade Promotion Bureau. There are two booths in the exhibition, namely, the food and agricultural products exhibition area and the service trade area. Soybeans, peanuts, sesame, cashew nuts, coffee, red wine, spices, dried fruits, handicrafts, etc. are displayed in the food and agricultural products exhibition area of hall 1; One belt, one road project of linghang Tanzania company, is located in the service trade area of the 8 Pavilion: East Africa Business Logistics Center.

On the first day of the Expo, Tanzania's plenipotentiary ambassador to China Mbelwa Kairuki made a special trip from Beijing to Shanghai to visit the booth and give us support in our work.


On the same day, Yan Jianbo, deputy secretary of Weihai municipal Party committee and mayor; Qiao Jun, director of Weihai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, specially arranged a tour to the booth of linghang Tanzania Co., Ltd. Ms. Wang Xiangyun, chairman of the group, introduced to the leaders the group's imported Tanzanian red wine, coffee and cashew nuts, as well as soybeans and peanuts that have been approved for import, as well as other agricultural and sideline products that are planned to be imported. It also reported on the progress of the group's projects in Tanzania: East Africa Business and logistics center, overseas exhibition center and overseas warehouse.



Sui tongpeng, deputy secretary of Wendeng district Party committee and head of Wendeng District, Wang Liang, director of the District United Front Work Department, Liang Xiangdong, director of the District Bureau of Commerce and other leaders also attended the booth. Chairman Wang Xiangyun and general manager Liu Youzhi introduced the group's project progress, import and export business in Tanzania and the next development plan to the visiting leaders in detail.


Qu Mingxia, a third-level researcher from Weihai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, visited the booth, inquired about the company's project progress in detail, and gave specific guidance."


During the five-day Expo, Liu Youzhi, general manager of linghang group, led the team to sign intentional purchase orders totalling US $19.5 million with a number of exhibitors, marking a successful end to the exhibition.